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The Best Part Of Waking Up Is Zitti In Your Cup.

The frozen nightmare


So this was the time when we lived in a trailer since the house we had called a home the past 8 years was being demolished and rebuilt, and of course the three months to stay in that trailer turned in to ....at least nine months. Ugghh....in the summer it was ok, or at least bearable, one didn't have to spend all that much time in the retched thing. But of course we have that incident with the dead something, rat most likely. it decided to die in a wall where we could not get to it...add temperatures of about 100 Fahrenheit.. stinkorama. It was a most horrific thing. thankfully we could hang out with friends at their non-stink homes and some of them had pool....say no more. That was still a very negative experience. 


Our winter is of course not that gruesome, however it can get below freezing during night, and some nice frost. Remember that we were suppose to be OUT and in the new house at this point. But no. Here comes the nightmare story. The water supply to the trailer FROZE I am not sure how it all worked, I am sure it was one of those failing miniature precision pumps perhaps, or just the pipes that froze It was in any case awful, my poor little child got the stomach flu, imagine that scenario and NO WARM WATER? It was just so sad and tragic having to shower this small cold and sick child in ice cold water, and I tell you it was not like we had a million sheets and towels. But warm water sure would have helped. I am done with trailers thats for sure. Thankfully the winter was not long and mu kids were brave and good sports....